Abstract existence

Anything beyond the physical is just an abstract idea, including the existence.

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Master the divine expression

Don’t make it an ego thing. Whatever you do, express it from “the beyond”. The moment you start looking for results/benefits, your ego comes into play. And you will lose the connection with the divine intention that got you into your practice in the first place. And the ugly emotional chasing begins.

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Our spiral universe

Have you ever wondered if the universe and our existence itself could be spiral? We all know that universe is built on the golden ratio. So, could it be possible that maybe one day scientists might discover an atom or a subatomic particle which might reflect the reality as we know?

Did I lose you? Okay, let me explain. We all are aware of the parallel worlds theory, right? And if you subscribe to that theory then you might also subscribe to the idea of “our other version”.

So maybe someday in the distant future, scientists might stumble upon a particle that might pack our universe inside it. You know, only microscopically. So essentially, as the scientist tries to unravel the universe inside this particle, he might run into his “other self” sitting inside that universe trying to unravel his another “other self”, so on and so forth! Much like a spiral and the golden ratio!

Wouldn’t that change the dynamics of our entire existence? It will be quite interesting to see if and when such an event unfolds! Unfortunately we might not be around to witness it!



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Identity what???

Okay, I don’t know about you guys but I have often come across some men who refuse to acknowledge the fact that you exist. Don’t get me? Ok, let me explain.

So I have recently met a few guys on different occasions who are sometimes close family relatives or friends of friends and when we are introduced to each other, it is as if I don’t exist. I mean they don’t look in the eye, they refuse to have any conversation, they think they have nothing to do with you whatsoever. It is like you are this transparent thing that has no flesh and blood and no brains.

While the same guy is having a bear, sharing a light moment with my husband and playing with my kids. I mean really? What century are we in? And let me add here that these guys are happily married to some decent ladies. But hey, I exist too, and I have funny stories to share as well!



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Beyond languages and labels

Just wondering how this world would be if the languages as we know didn’t exist? How would life be, if life simply followed existential rules or as some people call it universal laws? If the only means of communication were to become thoughts and feelings and music? No verbal miscommunications. Just pure raw life; with its joys and sorrows, highs and lows, ebbs and flows, abundance and scarcities. With its pure rustic bliss intact!

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Just wondering…



The Versatile Blogger Award


Now that the long and dreadful winters are almost behind us, it is so exciting to welcome some sunshine and warmth into our lives. The feeling of summer breeze is so refreshing that I cannot wait for summer to arrive.

But that’s not the topic for today. Today I am here to share my excitement with you all! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by FeelPurple. Thanks so much FeelPurple, you made my day! If you guys want to check out her blog, here’s the link. I know I still have a long way to go as far as blogging is concerned but gestures like these are so uplifting.

Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

7 things about me:

  • I dread wind gusts, so much so that I need to find the safest corner and blast the music so I don’t hear anything.
  • I am currently trying to learn Italian, which is also one of my goals for 2018.
  • Aside from blogging I love to read, paint and make jewelry.
  • I am quite the opposite of movie buff. I watch movies only when I have some company (which means I watch an average of 2 flicks per year.)
  • I used to be a huge sitcom addict but not anymore! (Thank goodness for that!)
  • The one book that changed my thinking radically is Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.
  • I am a vegetarian and I love being one.

Blogs that I follow:















I thoroughly enjoy reading each one of these blogs and I am sure others will too. Happy blogging!



Moments with my son

My son has taken serious interest in Solar System lately. He talks about them, reads about them, sings about them; you get the picture! In order to make best use of his time I thought I would involve him in some activity that will not only pacify his curiosity but also keeps him occupied in something creative.

So I brought out the cardboard pizza box I had been saving up for days like these. Made circles of different sizes, cut them up, had him choose the colors and paint them. He also got to paint the canvas. We used some quilling papers to make rings and some sparkles to finish the project.

It took us about 3 hours but both of us had a lovely time doing it. He enjoyed spending some quality time with me. This little project not only taught him patience and diligence but also how to make the best use of the scraps around the house.

So I thought why not share these wonderful moments on the weekly photo challenge because honestly I would rather be doing this anytime any day! So here we go.



My “Me time”!

It is 11.30 AM. My toddler is fast asleep. I settle him down in the crib, cover him with his blanket, take a sigh of relief and run straight down towards kitchen. I fix our lunch as quickly as I could, make a mug of coffee, grab a couple of biscotti and run back upstairs. Relieved that he is still asleep, I grab the book I had been reading, set the mug down at my desk, open the bookmarked page of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and set out to read.

Out of the 15 or so odd hours that I am awake, this hour is my “me time”. I could read that book I had been dragging along, I could look outside our bedroom window and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun, I could hear the birds chirp, I could workout, I could meditate, I could paint my toe nails! I could do anything I want with nobody to question me.

And so as I was enjoying a warm bite of my coffee infused biscotti, I was truly basking in the luxury of this moment naively thinking to myself that I own it. I check my WhatsApp, no messages. I message my husband, set my phone down and read two sentences from the book before I realize that I crushed all of the biscotti. With my heart still craving for some more, I decide to walk down and grab more. As I would slowly and cautiously tread past the crib, to my surprise, my little guy was lying in there staring at the ceiling. As soon as he sees me, he stands up and smiles – his eyes still droopy and his hair unfixed. A sight that could melt a mother’s heart. I pout and smile in response, walk up to him, take him into my arms and hug him tight thinking to myself, “Oh well”!