After the break

It has been a while since I posted on my blog. It‘s not because I have forgotten or gotten over it. It‘s just that life had become a bit busy but mundane at the same time.

It has been two years since I left my last job and when I decided to leave back then, I wanted to return to the job market within two years of leaving. So needless to mention, I was rigorously job hunting the past few months and have been on a roller coaster ride. All along keeping my spirits high.

In any case, I have been successful in landing a job before I hit the two year mark and have been on it since a little over a month. It has been going wonderfully well and I have been loving every moment of it.

Trust me, if anyone out there is pondering a career break for whatever reason, my humble advice would be to go ahead and take it. (Of course, given that your financial situation permits). It is a soul searching journey, especially if it is a journey into the motherhood.

The moments I spent with my little one have been ecstatic to say the least. And the amount of time I got to myself is immeasurable. It has been a break that was much needed. The pictures I got to click, the videos I got to capture of my little one as he was crossing his milestones are so precious, while at the same time, having the luxury of enjoying every bit of it first hand, is priceless.

During this time, I had been able to catch up on my reading checklist and have picked up some crucial nuggets of wisdom. I can probably talk about them in a future blog post.

Oh, last but not the least, I also got to witness what all that hype about Game of Thrones was. I must admit that as much as I enjoyed the journey through the GOT, the disappointing end in Season 8 was really, well – disappointing!

Nevertheless, I am back to the blogging world and hope to keep sharing my stories!

Pic courtesy: Pixabay




The Versatile Blogger Award


Now that the long and dreadful winters are almost behind us, it is so exciting to welcome some sunshine and warmth into our lives. The feeling of summer breeze is so refreshing that I cannot wait for summer to arrive.

But that’s not the topic for today. Today I am here to share my excitement with you all! I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by FeelPurple. Thanks so much FeelPurple, you made my day! If you guys want to check out her blog, here’s the link. I know I still have a long way to go as far as blogging is concerned but gestures like these are so uplifting.

Here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

  • Thank the person who gave you this award, and include a link to their blog.
  • Nominate blogs that you have recently discovered or follow regularly.
  • Share 7 things about yourself that people might not know.

7 things about me:

  • I dread wind gusts, so much so that I need to find the safest corner and blast the music so I don’t hear anything.
  • I am currently trying to learn Italian, which is also one of my goals for 2018.
  • Aside from blogging I love to read, paint and make jewelry.
  • I am quite the opposite of movie buff. I watch movies only when I have some company (which means I watch an average of 2 flicks per year.)
  • I used to be a huge sitcom addict but not anymore! (Thank goodness for that!)
  • The one book that changed my thinking radically is Many Lives Many Masters by Brian Weiss.
  • I am a vegetarian and I love being one.

Blogs that I follow:

I thoroughly enjoy reading each one of these blogs and I am sure others will too. Happy blogging!



Moments with my son

My son has taken serious interest in Solar System lately. He talks about them, reads about them, sings about them; you get the picture! In order to make best use of his time I thought I would involve him in some activity that will not only pacify his curiosity but also keeps him occupied in something creative.

So I brought out the cardboard pizza box I had been saving up for days like these. Made circles of different sizes, cut them up, had him choose the colors and paint them. He also got to paint the canvas. We used some quilling papers to make rings and some sparkles to finish the project.

It took us about 3 hours but both of us had a lovely time doing it. He enjoyed spending some quality time with me. This little project not only taught him patience and diligence but also how to make the best use of the scraps around the house.

So I thought why not share these wonderful moments on the weekly photo challenge because honestly I would rather be doing this anytime any day! So here we go.



My “Me time”!

It is 11.30 AM. My toddler is fast asleep. I settle him down in the crib, cover him with his blanket, take a sigh of relief and run straight down towards kitchen. I fix our lunch as quickly as I could, make a mug of coffee, grab a couple of biscotti and run back upstairs. Relieved that he is still asleep, I grab the book I had been reading, set the mug down at my desk, open the bookmarked page of Blink by Malcolm Gladwell and set out to read.

Out of the 15 or so odd hours that I am awake, this hour is my “me time”. I could read that book I had been dragging along, I could look outside our bedroom window and enjoy the warmth of the afternoon sun, I could hear the birds chirp, I could workout, I could meditate, I could paint my toe nails! I could do anything I want with nobody to question me.

And so as I was enjoying a warm bite of my coffee infused biscotti, I was truly basking in the luxury of this moment naively thinking to myself that I own it. I check my WhatsApp, no messages. I message my husband, set my phone down and read two sentences from the book before I realize that I crushed all of the biscotti. With my heart still craving for some more, I decide to walk down and grab more. As I would slowly and cautiously tread past the crib, to my surprise, my little guy was lying in there staring at the ceiling. As soon as he sees me, he stands up and smiles – his eyes still droopy and his hair unfixed. A sight that could melt a mother’s heart. I pout and smile in response, walk up to him, take him into my arms and hug him tight thinking to myself, “Oh well”!




A tough decision

In the two hours that my son sleeps, my heart and my mind race trying to run a mental checklist of tasks to be done. There is always that laundry pile waiting to be folded and tucked away. There is lunch to be prepared for the both of us. Dishes waiting to be loaded into the washer. And not to mention the toys to be picked up so that our living room looks more like a livable space than like a landfill. This is my everyday juggle, but I wouldn’t complain, as I love every bit of it.

Watching my kids grow is the best thing ever. They are the reason I am what I am today. Tending to them taught me patience, perseverance, thoughtfulness, proactivity etc. It is hard to believe that it was only last May that I had to make the difficult decision of quitting my job so that I can tend to my little nugget. And now he is almost 15 months old.

A month or so ago we filled out the daycare forms for him at the same daycare/preschool that my preschooler goes to. We just wanted to drop in the forms just as a place holder as this provider has a long wait list. And we were told that they do not see any availability until July. We were not in a rush either since I am still a stay at home mom.

But just last week we received an update that they have an opening and that they can take him right away. If we don’t have the urgency, we can still keep the July option open though. But in any case, we need to let them know by the end of this week. They also mentioned that there is part time option available which, we thought, makes sense for our situation.

But that means quite a bit of adjustment for us, especially for me. On the up side, I can start my preparations for the certification exams I had been planning for, for a long time. I can update my resume and go on the job market again. But on the down side, this means that my son will no longer be with me 24/7 like we are both used to since more than a year.

A very tough decision! I knew that this day would come, but didn’t anticipate this soon.




A dose of inspiration

Just when I thought this book has addressed almost everything except the concerns of a new mother, I run into this.

I see many parents, particularly mothers with small children, often frustrated in their desire to accomplish a lot because all they seem to do is meet the needs of little children all day. Remember, frustration is a function of our expectations, and our expectations are often a reflection of the social mirror rather than our own values and priorities.

You can subordinate your schedule to those values with integrity. You can adapt; you can be flexible. You don’t feel guilty when you don’t meet your schedule or when you have to change it.

And “adapt” is how I roll with life these days. Just a little reminder that I am on the right track.

Such a brilliant book! If only I can organize my life according to the suggestions in the book, I would be golden!

But for now, baby steps, literally and figuratively.



Leonardo Da Vinci and our Florence trip

About two years ago I have had an opportunity to visit Italy with my family. Among others, Florence was one of the cities we visited. This is the place where Renaissance was born and where Leonardo Da Vinci’s schooling took place. Walking on the streets where he once walked gave me goosebumps. His art and his works had me speechless. Though our stay there was really short, it had a profound impact on me. And so I promised myself that I would visit again. Now I am not really sure when that’s going to be but whenever it is, I decided I will be more prepared.

I thought I will get acquainted with the legend himself, study his art and learn about the Renaissance, so that I can do justice to the trip. Ever since then, I have been trying to collect some literature on Leonardo, his works and the Renaissance as a whole.

So this Sunday when I was in Costco, my eyes fell on this book and I didn’t even blink before I picked it up. I have read Walter Isaacson’s works before so as soon as I came to know that he authored Leonardo’s biography I knew that I had to have it. I am super thrilled to add this book to my bookshelf and I cannot wait to begin reading.

If you guys know of any good works or have any good recommendations on Leonardo Da Vinci and his works, feel free to share it in the comments below.




That one bucket

It is 11.40 PM and I am staring at my phone screen blankly. Not that I cant sleep, for if I close my eyes right now, I would be snoozing in no time. It’s just that I don’t want to sleep yet. I have quite a bit of my mental energies to burn. So I am laying in the bed awake debating whether to blog or to read? I don’t have anything particular to write about. I just needed to write. To clear the mind, to collect my thoughts.

Everyone has that one “bucket” that needs filled everyday. For my kids, it’s running around and playing, for my husband it’s catching up on the news. For me it’s either writing or reading. It helps me think, reflect and recollect. It provides me clarity. It helps me strategize and plan my days. It rejuvenates and puts me in a safe and happy place.

Reading calms me down and keeps me grounded. It is an adventure that can take me around the globe or across the other side of the universe. Reading reconfirms that nothing is impossible. So here’s to all you awesome people out there that never get tired of reading or writing!

Cheers 🥂


My old diary and WPC #4

Sometimes you just never know the treasures you find in your old stuff. 

Over the weekend, I was glancing through my old diary and ended up landing on this page. I am pretty sure this is not my work but I also don’t know who the writer is. Such a beautiful write up though! Love the choice of words and the way they have been intricately woven to convey the message. 

After mulling over it, I thought it would make a perfect candidate for the weekly photo challenge. In my mind, it somehow allegorically resonates with the words rounded/circled because of the way these words have found me after more than 13 years!