…is a beautiful thing!

Leah hit the pause button on her iPod as it belted out Pink Floyd’s “hey you”, one of her all time favorites. She set the empty coffee mug on  her side table, her first one of the day and paused to glance out of the window. 

The weather forecast said there is rain at about 2.00 pm, but the sun was shining so bright on this mid March afternoon that rain seemed like a far fetched idea. 

As her eyes grazed the garden, she realized that the bird feeder was almost empty. She thought to herself, “Little Mr. Buttons finally showed up!”. And made a mental note to refill the bird feeder, lest Mr. Buttons goes without food.

She opened her porch door and stepped out. As she walked past her herb garden, she realized that there is a little nip in the air, not unusual for this time of the year. She walked to the chrysanthemums that she painstakingly overwintered and kneeled down to sniff the fresh scent of these beauties.

The scent reminded her of the Southern suburban climes where she spent most of her summers tending to her grandmothers garden. An instant feeling of warmth came over her. A feeling that she has almost lost touch with. A feeling that got her in touch with her inner child. 

Just as she got up, she noticed that the neighborhood kids were playing hopscotch. They waved to her as she walked back inside. She smiled and waved back to them, opened the porch door and proceeded to the kitchen to get some fodder for Mr. Buttons. She walked back to the garden and refilled the bird feeder, hoping that he would show up today while she is around. 

She returned to the kitchen and poured a second cup of coffee, walked to her mini bookshelf and picked up that book she bought at a local thrift store. Returned to her recliner and put her iPod back on and continued playing the Pink Floyd. She opened the book and started reading the first page, wondering to herself, pause is a beautiful thing!

This is my entry for the wordpress Daily Prompt – Pause.



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