Pondering over “prudent”…

As I look outside the living room window, I see that it is cloudy, damp and drizzling. The trees are showing off their bare brown branches with beady droplets dangling on them. It is most certainly “sit by fireplace reading your favorite book” kind of day! The weather app on my smartphone surely knows what it is talking about.

I just dropped off my (almost) 3 year old at the daycare and now I need to attend to my 3 month old little nugget who is gleefully playing in his playpen next to my recliner.

While I take a break before moving onto the next task of the day, I unlock my phone to take a peek at the world outside my window. WhatsApp shows no new messages, Facebook isn’t promising either.

The WordPress daily prompt prompts the word “prudent”. As I mull over it, nothing comes to mind except this vintage commercial for a toothpaste called prudent. It was roughly around late 80s or early 90s from my growing-up days back in India.

Back then, our good old black and white television was a prized possession. We would sing along to the tunes of the commercials whose lyrics we learnt by rote. Or watch almost every animated show on air. 

We would eagerly wait for the Sunday night movie – the only movie of the week. Those were the times when commercial breaks were just 1 or 2 over the entire length of the movie. There was only one channel, but the quality of the programs was on par. 

I must admit, those were the simpler times!! 


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