Googling our way into wishful thinking!

It is a given that Google is the champion of search engines. From information to images, from maps to getting directions to a nearby gas station, you name it, Google’s got it! It is a single tool with many uses and unquestionably it makes our lives easier. No matter what you type in the search bar, it can find about 20 pages of information. There are discussion forums on almost everything. 

Despite its many uses, there are some inconspicuous shortcomings. From a psychological standpoint, there is a subliminal thought process involved that will eventually lead one down into the spiral of wishful thinking. How, you ask?

Easy! You type “postpartum belly band” and google spits out a brouhaha of 30+ pages. There are 10 pages worth of content about how so and so celebrity lost the baby weight using the “said product”. Additionally, you get about a 100 or so images of how the new moms have regained their fitness levels. The images prove their point by showing a “before vs after”. 

You see the drift? Where does all this lead us? Quite obviously, in favor of whatever it is we began the search for. 

The point I am trying to make here is that unless we apply our critical thinking and choose the right keywords in our search, or sagaciously weigh the pros and cons about the information presented to us, we are in for a delusional ride.



2 thoughts on “Googling our way into wishful thinking!

  1. Ah beautiful Firenze. I agree with you wholeheartedly about choosing the right keywords and actually analyzing what is fact and what is fiction when viewing things on the internet.

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