Bird watching 

It is 7.00 AM and I know it’s time to wake up my 3 year old. Like any toddler, he does not particularly like the idea of plopping out of the bed as the first order of business.

But lately he is not all that fussy, thanks to our new ritual of bird watching! All I have to do is softly wake him up and nudge him in that direction. And like a flash, he wakes up, runs off to the couch next to the window and plonks himself on it. 

This little practice with him the first thing in the morning is the perfect catharsis to the niggling mommy guilt. Especially when the feeling is more pronounced in the morning before rushing him off to daycare.

He enjoys this time with me as much as I do. Pointing to the spot next to him with his tiny little hands, he goes, “Mommy mommy, come, sit sit sit!”. And we would spend a good chunk of time looking out the window. 

He loves to observe the birds, their colors and the chemistry between them. He notices that while some are playful and chirpy, others are stoic and poignant. He observes how some outliers fly off leaving the flock behind. He makes up little stories around them and narrates them in his just-woken-up husky voice. 

This little time spent with him in the morning, sets the tone for a perfect day! No amount of caffeine can give me that!!



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