What have you learnt today?

I have always believed that one must never stop learning and this post by Reactionary Tales drives home the point.

It is a given that education builds confidence and personality. Continuous learning keeps the mind sharp and focused, gives you the confidence to speak your mind and helps you make informed decisions. It opens up the doors to new avenues when least expected. 

There is a famous one liner where I come from – Knowledge is being given away everywhere, gather however much you can! I love that adage for a few reasons. It gives a refreshing perspective on learning, sheds light on the progressive attitude one should carry, stands as a good reminder that boredom is just a state of mind and gives one something to look forward to, by promising a hopeful future.

I personally try my best to keep my wheels turning. If I am not busy with the kids and household chores, I am either reading a book or writing a blog post. I like learning new words and using them in my posts so I can commit them to memory. I use a flash card app on my phone that keeps track of all the words I learnt. If I am not doing any of these things then I am coding. I am a programmer by profession, so I like a good coding challenge. I use websites like hacker rank or stack exchange to pacify the “IT guy” in me. At the end of the day, the feeling of achievement spikes my self esteem.

I believe that time is limited and any time spent on improving oneself is well invested. To quote the VP of my previous company, “Spending 15 minutes a day on a topic, will get you that much closer to being an expert in the subject!”



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