Self reflection 

A couple of days ago, during a dinner conversation, I happened to mention to my husband about how sometimes things dont go as planned despite your best efforts. To this, his response was plain and simple – “That is because you focus too much on the result! You would be better off if you enjoyed the ride instead.” 

Now I know I heard that one before several times. But somehow, hearing it from him at that minute was like an “aha moment”. It was succinctly put. 

To give you some context, this was in response to my frustration about how I failed in a certification exam, inspite of putting in efforts. He added further, “Certification does not define how much you know. What matters is, how much you actually learnt.” So true! 

Although the conversation didn’t last long, I got to take away some meaningful self reflecting thoughts. Sometimes, a simple conversation is all you need to help you put things into perspective!



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