Indian summers 

They say you re-live your childhood through your children. I got to experience that today. Well, sort of!

The weather in Iowa is finally settling down and we got to see some sunshine. The bright sunny evening beckoned me to celebrate and I couldn’t resist. So I quickly finished preparing the dinner and joined my husband and my 3 year old in the yard, while my dad, my 3 month old and Mugsy(our dog) enjoyed the views indoors.

The grass was lush green and although there was a little nip in the air, the sunshine subdued it. So overall it was a pleasant evening. 

My son, who seldom gets to enjoy an evening like this (due to the midwest weather), was thoroughly at it, plucking leaves and flowers, uprooting the grass and examining the roots, and such. Watching him be so much in tune with the nature took me back to my grandmothers vegetable garden during my childhood. 

I got to reminiscing about how my sister and I used to walk underneath the squash creepers and our excitement to see those budding bitter melons. About that sweet smelling jasmine plant and how we would take it upon ourselves to water the plants. I still remember waiting with so much anticipation for the “fruits of our labor”. About how my mother or grandmother would turn those fresh vegetables and herbs into something delicious and how the entire family would gather around to gobble it up. 

The warm feeling of those Indian summers filled my heart. The smell of those mangoes and the make ahead fruit custards, the studying for those annual exams and the sugary musk melon treats. So many memories flooded through my mind and I was filled with awe!

In a few weeks I am able to take my kids to India for the summer and I cannot wait to show my 3 year old that side of life. I am also glad to be able to relive this experience through him! 



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