I am a hoarder!

I am a hoarder. A big time one at that! I keep hoarding until I fill up the closet space, the pantry, the refrigerator, almost everything! And I am not proud of that! I owe it to my poor decision making skills (I am a libra, so…). I always account for those elusive “may be” situations!

Here’s a little peek into my thought process on making a decision about giving up something: That pink top? Hmm, lets keep it, it will look cool on a black jeans, when I buy one! Those blue earrings, lets keep it for when I go to that party. How about this masala(Indian spice mix), lets store it for that curry when I get around to making it! 

And so, they live on in my humble abode until the eternity. Atleast the perishables stand a chance at getting the clearance because they have an expiry date. But my wardrobe takes the most brunt. I do occasionally clear some clothes out for goodwill but I dont think I do a good job at that. The rate at which the stuff comes in is nowhere close to the rate at which it goes out, hence the pile up!

The picture above tells you the story of my shame. I have been on a clearance marathon since two days off and on. And it is not an easy task to sort through 10 years worth of clothes in a couple of days. So why this temporary madness now? Because we are moving to Atlanta (I had been meaning to write a post about that since forever but havent had a chance) and I need to get sensible about what to take and what to give up! 

To make the decision making easier, I adhered to the below cues: 

  1. There is either a yes/no, no maybe. 
  2. Do I fit into this and is this comfy enough?
  3. Is there a value in keeping this?

After the grueling process of weeding out the closet, I am glad to admit that half of my burden is gone. And I can sleep guilt free now. I still have another ocean to swim with my kids wardrobe, but that is for another day. For today, I feel I have accomplished enough (or call it complacence:))! 



2 thoughts on “I am a hoarder!

  1. Wow that is a lot! Great job on clearing half lol! I should probably do the same. I usually ask myself when was the last time I wore this piece of clothing and if the answer is over a year then it has to go, haha

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