My week in a snapshot

The past week had been the most eventful week of my life. Fitting it all in one post is not easy but I will try. 

(PS: I am throwing in a little challenge for myself to see if I can make use of the daily prompt words for each respective day in this one post. Lets see! And yea, that image is our home that we have to bid bye to!!)

Day 1: May 11th was our milestone anniversary, with it being a tenth one! It was grandly celebrated in the presence of our close friends and family! We went to P.F. Changs for dinner and treated ourselves to the most decadent chocolate cake on earth! I also got to walk around the lake and show little fish to my toddler who was otherwise having a “not so pleasant” day! Anything to see that beautiful smile on his innocent cute face:). The day ended with pink roses, meaningful greetings, loving and caring family and friends, good food and yummy desserts!

Day 2: May 12th was officially my sons last day at the daycare. It was also the day the daycare decided to celebrate the mothers day. So they arranged a little event called “Muffin with mom”, where all moms would get to enjoy a muffin with their little ones. But unfortunately, I was a tad bit late and missed the event. Needless to say the insurmountable mommy guilt in addition to the disappointment in myself. I had to do something to make up for this, so I took him to a nearby icecream shop and spent some time with him there. I know it still does not fill that void, it is atleast comforting! Not for him, for me! While this mistake of mine left me in a maze of emotions, he is happy and cheerful as always and never really cared if I showed up for the event or not, all he cared was that I came by to pick him up! What a little angel:)!!

Day 3: Our final week in Des Moines, Iowa is almost coming to an end. In just one more day, the movers were going to come by to pickup our stuff to ship to Atlanta. We had to get a lot of boxes taped, labeled and ready to be loaded into the truck. May 13th was one of those craziest days ever, as we were on a packing and cleaning frenzy. There was so much to pack, so much to throw away, so many bags of clothes and stuff for donation. So many decisions to make! Phew!!

Day 4: May 14th – There were two main highlights for this day. The movers were to come by to pick up stuff and we were to board our flights to India. By we, I mean my dad, my kids and me. My husband decided to stay back and sell the house and make the move to Atlanta as smooth as possible for me and the kids. Well anyway, the trick was in the timing. Movers promised to be between 2.30-5.00 and we were to report at the airport by 5.00. The situation got even more trickier as the movers didnt keep their promise of arriving before 5.00, so my husband had to move some things around to get us to the airport in time without disrupting the appointment with the movers. We ultimately ended up boarding the flights and were on our way to Chicago and to London from there. And from there to India. A long flight with a toddler and an infant and no bassinet for one leg of our journey, not easy. Additionally, the hospitality of British Airways was horrendous. (Believe me, I am not trying to make up lines just to fit in a daily prompt word here, this is something I truly experienced and I am almost leaning towards doing a blog post exclusively to throw some light on the horrible service rendered by British Airways). I am usually not the one to rant, but I cant help but point out that one of the stewardesses went to an extent of lecturing me on “how to be a good mom”! Well, I will leave it at that as I don’t want this post to take a negative tone!

Day 5: May 15th was spent in a haze. We were somewhere high up in the sky, crossing oceans and continents with a sick toddler and an unhappy infant(he is usually a happy little baby but clearly flying didnt seem like one of his things, so…). Something my 3 year old ate on the first leg of our journey didnt sit well with him, and he ended up vomiting in the aisle of the airplane. Now, when this happened, I am pretty sure some of the passengers were not happy. But being a mom of this sick child, all I cared about at that moment was how to comfort him. He was warm, dehydrated and wasn’t enjoying the flight. Thanks to my dad, without his immense patience, help and collaboration, the journey would have been a nightmare!

Day 6: And we finally land in Hyderabad, my hometown in India, after what seemed like an eternity! May 16th has shown us the land, smiling faces and the comfort of home. Although my toddler is homesick and jet lagged, he is happy that he is finally home! He is also starting to feel better as he is getting the much needed nourishment and love of the family. The only qualm I have right now is about how hot the weather is, but that’s going to settle down in a few weeks. So all is well!!


4 thoughts on “My week in a snapshot

  1. What a week you had! I think you handled it well, all things considered, lol. Hope this week and the coming weeks are a lot more peaceful for you and your family! Also, great job incorporating all the words!

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