The cow people

It is a well known fact that cows are revered in India and have been worshipped since ancient times. If you live in this part of Hyderabad, you get to witness the devotion in everyday life.

I call them “The cow people”. These people walk their cows door to door in exchange for something. Usually money or food. Oftentimes, the cows are adorned with jewelry and flowers. Their foreheads are decorated with vermillion and turmeric. Bells are looped around their necks, so their entry and exit never goes unnoticed as they walk these narrow lanes. People honor the cows by offering them rice, mangoes, bananas and take the blessings from the mother cow. 

Now, as much as I honor and respect the tradition, I often question the motive of the people that walk the cows, but I will leave that argument for another day!



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