My aunts rooftop garden 

How many of us dream of a retirement from the rut of our never ending jobs and settling down in the suburbs with a small organic farm? Well, my aunt did exactly that!

She is a retired schoolteacher and an ardent fan of gardening. A humongous nature lover, she commits atleast half her day tending to her garden come rain or shine. I would be remiss if I didnt post these pictures during my stay here at moms. She lives on the ground floor while my folks live on the first. 

It is because of her hardwork and dedication that we get to enjoy fresh vegetables almost everyday. Seldom have I seen my parents buy vegetables from the market.

Bitter melon
Yellow brinjal
Aloe vera
Green brinjal
Holy basil
And this is the picture of our 4.00 PM visitors! A day doesn’t go by without their tiny tummies fed. 

Pigeons – our everyday guests
More pigeons


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