Conversations with my toddler

There are a lot of things that make me happy and my kids undoubtedly top that list. This week had been pretty uneventful except for the little excitement that my toddler brought to each day. 
He is at that age where he is exploring the vocabulary and learning to express his thoughts. Here are some exciting conversations that occurred between us this week.

Scene #1: This one happened just the other day when I was trying to put him to bed 

Me: Sweetie, come lets go to bed.

Toddler: No!

Me: Hey, its bedtime!

Toddler(holding an egg in his hands): No, iss eggtime!(No, its eggtime!)

Scene #2: When I took his infant brother in my arms while they were playing together, he demands, “Hey, gimme back my bvothaa! (Hey, give me back my brother!)”.

Scene #3: While teaching his grandmother (my mom) how to play a jigsaw puzzle on iPad, he goes, “Vook gvama, put this heere!(Look grandma, put this here!)“, pointing to a piece. When my mom gets it right, he goes, “Wevv done gvama!(Well done grandma!)”.

Scene #4: Playing with my mom yet another time he goes, “You notty notty pivate, gimme back my thoys!(You naughty naughty pirate, give me back my toys!)”. Yes, that is two naughty’s together and I am sure he got this from Morphle, a kids show he loves to watch.

Scene #5: He approaches his little brother, coddles him and goes, “Aww, thayyudu is so cute!”.(He calls his brother thayyudu).

Scene #6: When I invite him to go out with me, a homebody that he is, goes, “Bye bye mommy! I stay home, watch bugs with gvama!”(Bye bye mommy! I stay home and watch bugs with grandma!”).

His words are still broken and he occasionally messes up his grammar, yet the lilt in his tone and the intensity of his emotion sure make me chuckle. I can see his budding personality shine through words.



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