My “shoe box” full of words

When we start to pour our thoughts out on our blog, dont we all kind of resort to a certain style of writing that is quite unique to us? A signature style of our own, if you will! A big part of this personal style can be attributed to our vocabulary. Each one of us have a set of words that we keep using in a cyclic fashion. 

If you can picture it, it’s sort of like a “shoe box” somewhere in the recesses of the brain that contains a collection of frequently used words. But what if a word you are familiar with and know the meaning of, is still missing from that box?

This is exactly what happened, when I saw “Caper” for todays word prompt. I thought, “now that’s something that doesn’t chime with my style!“. I am sure I came across it several times and know its meaning but it does not exist in my repertoire yet. That is, I am not naturally inclined to use it in my writing. Caper means: skip or dance about in a lively or playful way. Its synonyms are dance, skip, prance, etc. Now those, I would use. 

This not the first time. Several of the daily prompt words that I come across dont go with my personal style of writing. But, dont get me wrong! I am not complaining. Infact, I like the idea of adding more words to my “shoe box” so that I can expand my personal dictionary. The more, the merrier, isnt it? Besides, it also sparks the creativity and allows one to think outside the box! Literally and figuratively! And I am all for that!!


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