My sons little yellow car

I took my son for some toy shopping today. As we were looking around, a pretty yellow car caught his fancy. I showed him plenty of prettier toys but he rejected them all and settled for this one. He held on to it with so much gusto that I couldn’t muster up the courage to say no. So we bought it. 

Little did I realize that, that car makes honking and screeching noise when its tires move. Unfortunately, there is neither a turn off button on it nor volume adjustment. You either have to get rid of the batteries that are underneath the tightly screwed panel or get rid of the car altogether. But neither was an option. Had I realized about the noise sooner, I would have pulled out the batteries but it was too late and I didn’t want to take any drastic steps before bedtime, as that would only upset him. 

Now, my son is used to going to bed with a toy every night, so he brought this one along tonight. And he usually co-sleeps with me and his little brother. That’s right, you can guess the rest of the story now and the “not so quiet” night that lies ahead of me as I write this. Fun times! (but honestly, anything for him). 

So, the lesson for me today is either to be extra vigilant of the kind of stuff I buy for my kids or be proactive and take smart steps to avoid upsetting situations. 

And here’s hoping for a pleasant night!


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