Thinking out loud 

Random thoughts and observations:

  • I had been in a reflective mood today all of a sudden. Several times during the day I found myself contemplating random situations without my rational mind bumbling around. It was as if the monkey was out on vacation!
  • Observed that when you go out shopping for ready to wear clothes, the salespeople gladly and unhesitatingly decide for you your dress size by scanning your girth. (Why, thank you for noticing!)
  • Had an interesting or rather weird thought cross my mind. Does one person overeating mean another person depriving? Should we be ingesting only the needful amounts? Are we claiming ownership on someone else’s portions by overeating? If all of us prepared appropriate portion sizes and stick with it, would that save someone else their meal? Could this save the world hunger problem? If this thought could keep me from overeating, then I am all for it! Hmm!



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