Jingle all the way

The fireplace is crackling away and Kelly is comfortably ensconced in her bean bag chair. While her good old record player belted out Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Mr. Puffpuff hunkered down beside her in his cozy little bed.  

Ever since the weather locked her indoors, Kelly had been binge reading. The snow hasn’t stopped since two days and the forecast for the next two days doesn’t look any promising either. The front yard is covered by a thick blanket of snow and the snow flakes under the street light looked like flickering diamonds dancing in the air. 

It was that time of the year and every house in the neighborhood was adorned with Christmas trees and colorful lights. The Parsons have put two trees this year, perhaps the smaller one is for the newest member of their family. “What a thoughtful way to welcome the junior!”, she mused. Mrs. Evelyn and her children are out in their backyard gaily making snow angels. Even the gloomy, hazy winter could not overcast the spirit of the festivities.

Kelly looks up at the clock and it was already half past six. She looks around and the house looks festive and impeccably clean. Fragrant flowers are perfectly arranged in the vases atop the fireplace and the aroma of apple cinnamon scented candles was in the air. Her front door was adorned with flower wreath and the little wooden plank in the center says Welcome. The old socks are hung over the fireplace, just in case Santa drops by. The Christmas tree in the corner is beautifully decorated with ornaments.

“Nanna would be so proud, don’t you think Mr. Puffpuff?”, said Kelly. But Mr. Puffpuff, who had been diligently following her wherever she went, looked at her sternly, licked his nose in response and then looked away. “Of course! You and your little puggy attitude.”, she thought.

Unlike last 3 winters, bad weather disrupted her plans of spending this Christmas at her nanna’s. To make up for it, she had made her nanna’s famous gingerbread cookies. “Cookies and eggnog is not a bad idea, what do you think Mr. Puffpuff?”, asked Kelly. Mr. Puffpuff, only seemed to care about his treat jar that he could smell from afar. She walks up to the closet and grabs his treat and grabs a few cookies and some egg nog for herself, and settles down next to the fireplace. 

“Well Mr. Puffpuff, it’s just Beethoven, you and me this time! Cheers!!”, she said leaning back on the bean bag chair and stretching her legs in front of her. “And that’s not a bad idea either, Merry Christmas!”. 



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