Flying woes

My three month long vacation in India is finally over and I am back in the US. It’s not easy to travel with kids on a long haul flight especially if you are not one of those who love traveling.

My flight started early in the morning in Hyderabad and I had to transit from London. Two 10 hour long and arduous flights with kids and baggages was sure going to drive me and my mom crazy. To add to our madness, the “nice people” of British Airways took away the stroller at the gate and told us to only collect it at the destination. Wonderful! How was I supposed to carry the jet lagged, cranky, sleep deprived toddler in London while simultaneously handling an infant. May be they assumed that I was a super mom with four hands who can sway her magic wand and make everything peachy.

I dread flying. More so when it involves crossing oceans. It just gives me nightmares. Forget about taking care of the kids when you yourself are combating your worst fears. I still wonder why, even in this age, we still have to fight trivial wars with airlines and airline people, callous officials and insensitive in-flight service. I still remember the rude remarks of some of the British Airways staff during my onward flight to India. It was the worst Mother’s Day ever. I had to deal with one of the crew members who had the audacity to yell at me these words, “You are the mom, you should know better“, when I requested milk for my sick toddler. While another crew member on the same flight “presumes” that the trash cover that we were handing off to him while he came to clear the trash “contained” diapers and refuses to take it. My dad had to personally go and drop it off reassuring them that it was just food waste. The same guy almost yelled at my father, when my dad expressed that he would take the coffee a little later while. I don’t remember his exact words but he said something to the effect, “If you want coffee, take it now, or dont ask for it again!“. Why do we still have to deal with such petty attitudes.

The 3 feet by 4 feet seating arrangements of economy plans are bad enough but they are even worse when you have a lap child. On top of that chaos, the food that keeps coming to your seat seems almost like an annoyance. Where do they expect us to keep the food while handling an infant and a toddler with two busy hands. 

In any case, it’s behind me now and we have overcome it. I am merrily settled in my bed, although a bit jetlagged. All I care about right now is beginning our new life in Atlanta. We are almost ready to close the deal on a new home, next door to my sisters. And we are pretty excited about it. So here’s to the new life!

Hugs 🤗 

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