That one bucket

It is 11.40 PM and I am staring at my phone screen blankly. Not that I cant sleep, for if I close my eyes right now, I would be snoozing in no time. It’s just that I don’t want to sleep yet. I have quite a bit of my mental energies to burn. So I am laying in the bed awake debating whether to blog or to read? I don’t have anything particular to write about. I just needed to write. To clear the mind, to collect my thoughts.

Everyone has that one “bucket” that needs filled everyday. For my kids, it’s running around and playing, for my husband it’s catching up on the news. For me it’s either writing or reading. It helps me think, reflect and recollect. It provides me clarity. It helps me strategize and plan my days. It rejuvenates and puts me in a safe and happy place.

Reading calms me down and keeps me grounded. It is an adventure that can take me around the globe or across the other side of the universe. Reading reconfirms that nothing is impossible. So here’s to all you awesome people out there that never get tired of reading or writing!

Cheers 🥂



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