A tough decision

In the two hours that my son sleeps, my heart and my mind race trying to run a mental checklist of tasks to be done. There is always that laundry pile waiting to be folded and tucked away. There is lunch to be prepared for the both of us. Dishes waiting to be loaded into the washer. And not to mention the toys to be picked up so that our living room looks more like a livable space than like a landfill. This is my everyday juggle, but I wouldn’t complain, as I love every bit of it.

Watching my kids grow is the best thing ever. They are the reason I am what I am today. Tending to them taught me patience, perseverance, thoughtfulness, proactivity etc. It is hard to believe that it was only last May that I had to make the difficult decision of quitting my job so that I can tend to my little nugget. And now he is almost 15 months old.

A month or so ago we filled out the daycare forms for him at the same daycare/preschool that my preschooler goes to. We just wanted to drop in the forms just as a place holder as this provider has a long wait list. And we were told that they do not see any availability until July. We were not in a rush either since I am still a stay at home mom.

But just last week we received an update that they have an opening and that they can take him right away. If we don’t have the urgency, we can still keep the July option open though. But in any case, we need to let them know by the end of this week. They also mentioned that there is part time option available which, we thought, makes sense for our situation.

But that means quite a bit of adjustment for us, especially for me. On the up side, I can start my preparations for the certification exams I had been planning for, for a long time. I can update my resume and go on the job market again. But on the down side, this means that my son will no longer be with me 24/7 like we are both used to since more than a year.

A very tough decision! I knew that this day would come, but didn’t anticipate this soon.





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