Moments with my son

My son has taken serious interest in Solar System lately. He talks about them, reads about them, sings about them; you get the picture! In order to make best use of his time I thought I would involve him in some activity that will not only pacify his curiosity but also keeps him occupied in something creative.

So I brought out the cardboard pizza box I had been saving up for days like these. Made circles of different sizes, cut them up, had him choose the colors and paint them. He also got to paint the canvas. We used some quilling papers to make rings and some sparkles to finish the project.

It took us about 3 hours but both of us had a lovely time doing it. He enjoyed spending some quality time with me. This little project not only taught him patience and diligence but also how to make the best use of the scraps around the house.

So I thought why not share these wonderful moments on the weekly photo challenge because honestly I would rather be doing this anytime any day! So here we go.




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