A spark of creativity 

My first encounter with yarn was during one of the SUPW(Socially useful project work) classes back in my school days. To be exact, I believe it was between my 5th-10th grades.

Unlike many of my classmates, I used to love these sessions and would look forward to those fleeting 30 minutes every week. The idea behind these classes was to ignite a creative spark in the young minds. And as such, we were taught several things including little flower baskets made out of ice cream cups, pink piggy banks, hair bands made out of yarn, colorful little kerchief’s, wall hangings etc.

Mrs. Renuka would lead these and was quite talented. She would come up with many creative diy’s. A sample would be shown to us and we were allowed to get as creative as our minds could stretch. There were gazillion possibilities. In the end, the feeling of accomplishment was immense. 

I, once remember proudly displaying my flower basket in an exhibition at 10 years of age. What a remarkable way of molding those young minds! Whatever little creativity I have in me today, I would gladly owe it to those 30 minutes each week.

Sadly, years later, it was heart wrenching to learn that Mrs. Renuka had been brutally murdered in her own home. I havent met her after I finished my school, but the creativity that she imparted stays with me forever.



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